Saturday Morning Love Letters

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8/27/16  9:41 am Here I am again. Pouring my heart into words so that the world can hear me. Confession seems like the only good place to start. Confessions: I haven't written anything in months. I've been working my corporate J.O.B. and staffing my new  business and professional development ... [ Read More ]

Failing and Facing My Hard Truths: Day 1


There are two types of days for me. There are the very, very, ever so freakishly good days and the days when life is like using my foot to pick a splinter out of my thumb with a bobby pin in the dark. Current situation: I work two part time jobs, and I spend all of my extra time and money ... [ Read More ]

All The Reasons We Adore Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Whoever says that one person’s voice doesn’t count has never heard of Malala Yousafzai.  Champion of education for girls, Malala followed in the footsteps of her namesake Malalai of Maiwand who was a famous poetess and warrior.  Educated by her father, Malala showed a very quick mind and an active ... [ Read More ]

The Phenomenal Yetti Ajayi-Obe


She is the cheese to my macaroni, the gravy on my mashed potatoes and the caramel drizzle in my macchiato. She is “The Phenomenal Yetti” I have been following Ms. Yetti Ajayi-Obe for over four years and she has single handedly changed my life. Her blunt and relatable honesty has coached me ... [ Read More ]