Best Things To Do In Vegas… Besides Gambling.

What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling? This is a question that many people ask, because they either are not interested in casinos and gambling or they have family that are too young to enter the casinos. The business owners of Las Vegas understand this, so they work hard to provide activities for all ages and types of people.


Probably one of the bigger draws of Las Vegas outside of the casinos are the shows. From Broadway offerings such as “Phantom of the Opera” to Cirque De Soleil to Jazz singers to showgirls, one can find exciting shows for all ages. My own personal taste runs more towards Broadway shows and musical concerts, but just a quick glance at the offerings any time of the year provide more than enough entertainment for several nights stay in Las Vegas.

Activities for children

Tourist industries have worked hard in Las Vegas to provide leisure activities that draw in the entire family, including young children. From exploding volcanoes at the Mirage to Medieval knights at Excalibur and an entire amusement park inside Circus Circus, there are plenty of places to bring the children. Just a walk down the strip in the early evening will provide plenty of free entertainment as the front of the hotels have spectacular programs designed to entice people of all ages. Since Las Vegas is usually hot most of the year, swimming will likely be on the children’s agenda, so you will definitely want to book a hotel with a swimming pool.

Extreme sports

For the adults who appreciate a little more action, there is everything from race car driving to indoor skydiving to a Top Gun Air Combat experience. The one thing Las Vegas is very good at is making lots of exciting memories for kids of all ages!

Hotels and Shopping

Before you even plan a trip to Las Vegas, you must first consider what activities you will want to enjoy and what your budget is. This will greatly influence your choice of hotels. If shopping is on the agenda (and I don’t know a woman who doesn’t love shopping), you should definitely consider the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This hotel is very close to one of the less expensive shopping and entertainment areas, the Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street is full of interesting souvenir shops and kiosks offering all sorts of strange and wonderful gifts and ideas.

If being right on or near the main strip is more your style, there are a variety of casino hotels and prices to choose from. From the high-end Bellagio to the more economical Harrah’s, one will find a variety of shops to choose from. I have found some of the more interesting and beautiful shopping areas in The Venetian and the Paris hotels. For those who can’t afford trips “across the pond” to Italy and France, just a walk through these two hotels helps to satisfy that craving in a small way.

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