The Secrets Of Ambitious Women

In today’s day and age, young professional women are proving that they make great leaders in the workforce. If you strive for results in the office and you’re passionate about what you do, being a leader would be perfect for you! And contrary to the few chauvinistic pigs still wandering around, leadership is not synonymous with bitchiness. So, slip on your pointy toed pumps and start leading your team to success with these awesome leadership tips:

Stay true to yourself

The best way to prove your leadership ability is to stay true to yourself. Don’t bother trying to copy our male peers. Being a woman is what makes you ideal for a leadership position. Women are naturally better at multitasking and multi-step problem solving. Yes, not only do you have impeccable taste in your wardrobe, but you can also effectively manage a 12 person team and meet your company’s goals. Develop a professional confidence that feels authentic to you and people will respect it.

Inspire people

Remember to lead and not control. Get those creative juices flowing and work on supporting, inspiring and mentoring your employees. That way they become loyal followers instead of underlings. Great leaders inspire others to want to do better, and don’t just think about themselves. That bubbly personality or great sense of humor you have is an asset so work it girl!

Set boundaries

Clear professional and personal boundaries are essential in great leadership. Having collaborative and friendly relationships with your coworkers is great, but be firm in your boundaries. You can certainly find a balance between being tyrannical and overly casual. Things like engaging in office gossip, or getting too personal will only bring trouble and undermine you. People respect consistency and accountability.

Introvert vs. extrovert

Many people think you have to be an extrovert to be a good leaders, but many of the highest performing CEO’s are introverts. So if you’d rather be reading the latest New York Times bestseller than hosting a dinner party, don’t fret! When it comes leadership, the way you feel more comfortable unwinding and recharging doesn’t matter as long as you do, and avoid burnout.

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