How To Wear Work-Appropriate Makeup That Isn’t Totally Boring

Dark and sultry smokey eyes, a vibrant plum lipstick and a bright blush might make your eyes pop and your cheek bones stand out, but is it right for the office? Unfortunately, no. Rock that look on Saturday night when you go out with the girls. As a young professional woman, you want to choose the right makeup for your corporate environment, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo makeup all together. The key is in finding a makeup style that enhances – not overtakes – your natural beauty.

Great makeup makes you look well-groomed which is essential in to today’s corporate world. First impressions hold so much weight, so you want to make sure that you look classy, professional and put together. Plus, studies have shown that women who wear makeup are more likely to get promoted. Who know, right? Here are some of the best makeup tips for professional women:

Focus on endurance

You want your makeup to last the whole day without a zillion touch ups. Invest in a great makeup primer. It will help your makeup adhere to your face and avoid that annoying forehead sheen or eye shadow crease migration. Don’t be late to your next meeting because your lipstick has worn off or your eye shadow is smudged.

Low maintenance is best

You’ll thank yourself later if you develop a quick, low maintenance morning beauty routine. Do you really want to have to spend 30 minutes painting on your face when you’re running late or in a rush? Instead, why don’t you indulge and hit the snooze button one more time, or relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while skimming the headlines?

It should enhance your beauty

Good office makeup enhances your natural beauty – it doesn’t hid it. Try a swipe of clear lip gloss instead of that vivid fuchsia. You want people listening to your ideas and not staring at your lips. That’s not to say that you can’t express yourself with pretty colors, just be aware that they can be distracting. Opt for classic colors and styles, as these are usually safer options and command respect.

Feel confident and comfortable

The most important aspect of beauty is confidence. So if a little eyeliner gives you the boost you need to own that conference room, go for it. You also want to be comfortable though, so if your makeup makes you fidget instead of glow, or you find yourself fussing over your lip liner – skip it. You can’t expect yourself to concentrate on that spreadsheet if you’re worried about your makeup.

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