The Phenomenal Yetti Ajayi-Obe


She is the cheese to my macaroni, the gravy on my mashed potatoes and the caramel drizzle in my macchiato. She is “The Phenomenal Yetti” I have been following Ms. Yetti Ajayi-Obe for over four years and she has single handedly changed my life. Her blunt and relatable honesty has coached me ... [ Read More ]

The Secrets Of Ambitious Women

business girl 2

In today’s day and age, young professional women are proving that they make great leaders in the workforce. If you strive for results in the office and you’re passionate about what you do, being a leader would be perfect for you! And contrary to the few chauvinistic pigs still wandering around, ... [ Read More ]

You Are STILL Our Champs.


Dear Jackie Robinson West, Here are a few things I want you to remember... The strength of a group is in the integrity of the leaders. This is about them. You did nothing to cause or deserve this. Nope, you are no longer the 2014 Little League World Series Champions but for 173 days you ... [ Read More ]

Is Your Bad Credit Score A Headache?


Most of our lives in the United States seem to be run by our dependence on our credit scores.  Credit scores affect our ability to get a loan for a house or a car or just about anything.  They can also affect our ability to rent an apartment or even get a job.  It has also been said that insurance ... [ Read More ]

Real Life Jetlag and How To Avoid It


Whether you’re a glamorous, international traveler, a sophisticated career woman or a lady who loves her long distance family, chances are you’ll encounter long flights at some point. Unfortunately, long flights can sometimes leave you suffering from jetlag. Serious bummer. So what exactly is ... [ Read More ]

8 Reasons Why It’s Important To Be On Time


In today’s world it’s important to positively set yourself apart from the crowd in your professional and social life. But it isn’t your great sense of style or your sassy personality. On easy way to do this is to commit to being on time in every avenue of life. You can benefit from being more ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Solo Female Travelers


If you love travelling, you’ve probably wondered about travelling solo. You may have imagined walking the Great Wall of China without your sister complaining about her shoes. Maybe you’re sick of having to plan your trips around other people, or you’d rather spend more time sightseeing, but your ... [ Read More ]