Real Life Jetlag and How To Avoid It

Whether you’re a glamorous, international traveler, a sophisticated career woman or a lady who loves her long distance family, chances are you’ll encounter long flights at some point. Unfortunately, long flights can sometimes leave you suffering from jetlag. Serious bummer. So what exactly is jetlag? It’s defined as a “temporary sleep disorder that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones,” by The Mayo Clinic. So, even though you’re a strong and confident woman, you’re probably not a superhero who can time travel. That means you’ll have to pull some other clever tricks out of your sleeve to get to your destination as refreshed and ready to take on your day as you can be.

Take care of yourself

It’s easy to take yourself for granted when you’re frantically planning last minute flight details. But don’t! You have to put in some time and effort to stay the sassy, chic woman that you are. That means eat right, get your beauty sleep and exercise. Don’t put it off until the last minute either (ahem, that means you Miss New Year’s resolution maker!), the healthier you are, the more ready to battle jetlag you’ll be.

Move your bedtime

Throw your hair up in rollers and grab your satin eye mask, girl. If you’re planning to travel through time zones, moving your bedtime will help you to acclimate better once you arrive at your destination. Here’s the key: if you’re going east, go to sleep one hour earlier each night a few days before your trip. If you’re headed west, try going to sleep an hour later each night. That way once you get there, you’ll be on the right sleep cycle, instead of spending the first day looking like a puffy- eyed zombie.

Pack your carry-on

Be smart and think ahead when you pack your carry-on bag. All the Sudoku books and chapsticks in the world won’t help you if you forget a pillow. Getting a crick in your neck and walking around with your head to the side is a bad look. Invest in a great neck pillow (which is also great for late night reading in bed!), or bring your well-loved feather pillow that you can’t live without. Catching some Z’s on the plane will help offset the jet-lag.

Drink water and move around

Long plane rides are dehydrating, so make sure you drink a lot of water. Avoid coffee and alcohol as they will only exacerbate your jet-lag. Staying hydrated will keep your body running at peak condition and will keep your complexion from getting dull and dry. In addition, try to get up and stretch your legs every so often. This is not only to show off the fashionable yet comfortable outfit you wore, but also to keep you from feeling sedentary.

Refresh your makeup

Although wearing makeup will do nothing for your jet-lag, touching it up before you land will help you to feel fresh and gorgeous again. Slick some gloss over your lips, pinch your cheeks for color and blot any oil that may have accumulated.


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