Saturday Morning Love Letters

8/27/16  9:41 am

Here I am again. Pouring my heart into words so that the world can hear me. Confession seems like the only good place to start.

Confessions: I haven’t written anything in months. I’ve been working my corporate J.O.B. and staffing my new  business and professional development program. My eating habits haven’t gone completely down the drain but it has certainly been a task to make good decisions when my anxiety level goes past 5. Weddings are my favorite thing to celebrate but I am just not cut out to be a bridesmaid.

Where I wish I was instead of where I am: I wish I was working and blogging in Santorini, Greece. Sipping wine by the sea. Inspired by Evita Robinson:)

Frustrations: People who pretend to support and believe in you. ACTION.

Things I am grateful for: Music. Books. The writers of words.

Lesson I am currently mastering: Loving without attachment. (Thanks Tawny)

What I am most excited about: Going back to school to study Sociology. I seriously can’t wait.

Sometimes you have to let things out. You have to get thoughts out of your head. You have to work through feelings and emotions. I like to think of it as a form of therapy. It won’t fix everything but it does allow for an exhale moment, reminding me to breathe and keep going.





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