Smart Girls on Campus Logo


To encourage and inspire teen girls through challenging, innovative and relevant learning experiences.



To develop partnerships with colleges, business professionals, and other organizations to deliver new opportunities for girls to gain the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in today’s economy.



I am light. I choose my attitude. I will work hard to follow my dreams because my future is filled with unlimited potential and possibilities. Above all, I believe in my own power to be confident, smart and bold.



  • Creative Leadership

Leadership is ALL we do. We strive to be successful at innovative thinking in order to produce creative ideas, products, and activities.

  • Cultural Awareness and Engagement

Increasing cultural awareness will give us the knowledge needed to overcome and dismantle the stereotypes that have been engraved into society.

  • Service beyond Self

We genuinely practice ‘giving’ with a concern for the welfare of others without the goal of profit. We all share the responsibility to address the serious challenges confronting our communities. 

  • Honesty

Simply put, doing the right things for the right reasons, and treating people fairly.

  • Collaboration

Change happens through the connections and contributions of our entire community.

  • Laughter

We  reserve the right have fun and be a little weird.