Sometimes It’s Just Your Season To Be Single

Single? Yes, please.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: being single is hard sometimes.  I would be lying if I pretended that there aren’t those lonely moments—it’s typically on a Friday night when you’re bored as hell and no one is available. After many failed attempts of trying to finagle myself into relationships, (in addition to moving on from a lingering one) something in my mind just clicked—this is my season to be single.

I’ve been subconsciously fighting against my relationship status for the past year, and I got to a point where I needed to just walk away. For the first time, being alone feels so right.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There’s no more going through that awkward “Getting to Know You” stage where text messages must be flawless before hitting “Send.” No longer will I have to entertain situationships or any other foolishness I previously allowed just to be with someone.

I’ve finally given myself the permission to just do me.

What I’ve come to understand is being single doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you nor does it mean that you should be on the prowl for your next relationship. It’s a time where growing and putting yourself first should be your priority. It’s literally all about you!

Let’s keep it real…there will be times when you want to hit up ol’ dude for a late night rendezvous or to simply have some company. However, that’s usually a move you end up regretting because in most cases, it ends up being a waste of your precious time. Who really has time for insignificant relationships or friendships anyway?

With that being said, I plan to cherish this time to myself because it’s invaluable. I realize my love life was going nowhere fast because it’s very necessary for me to be alone right now. While I’m fabulous, I can admit that I still have I some things I need to work on.

I think Enitan O. Bereola II shares some great insight on how to view singlehood in his book, Gentlewoman:

“Focus on who you’re meant to be, not who you’re meant to be with, and who you’re meant to be with will be with you. Got that?”

Got it.


Ashley White is a regular contributor at She Writes Life. When she isn’t unnecessarily shopping for home decor, you can find her thoughts on life, love and relationships here on She Writes Life. Follow her musings on Instagram @love_ashl3y.

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