Tips for Solo Female Travelers

If you love travelling, you’ve probably wondered about travelling solo. You may have imagined walking the Great Wall of China without your sister complaining about her shoes. Maybe you’re sick of having to plan your trips around other people, or you’d rather spend more time sightseeing, but your friend always wants to lay by the pool. Maybe you’re tired of getting stuck worrying about your travel partner’s finances or indecision. So what’s stopping you? Grab your passport, throw some clothes in a bag and be off! Here are some of the best tips for solo female travelers:

Always be prepared

Planning out an itinerary will give you a sense of security and keep you entertained. You definitely don’t want to get off the plane in a foreign country without booking your first night in a hotel. Research the area ahead of time so you can slap a pair of sunglasses on and enjoy your day like a local.

Stay purposeful

This is important. You don’t want to be that girl fumbling with a map and digging in her fanny pack. Not only is that tacky, but it could potentially be dangerous. Looking like a lost tourist invites unwanted attention from unsavory types. If you’re lost, channel your inner confidence and approach a local to ask for directions – don’t just idle, looking lost.

Go on all the tours

Taking part in all the tours will help you to learn about your surroundings before you venture out on an impromptu walk to snag one of those delicious looking croissants from the patisserie around the corner. You’ll also meet other travelers that you can get to know. Be your charming self and don’t worry about being alone, it will seem so cool and self-assured!

Stay in a hostel

Hostels are great ways to meet other travelers – just watch your bags. You might even find a few people who you have something in common with. Maybe an Aussie chick who loves art just as much as you, or a British couple that can show you the best nightlife spots. You never know! Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers, they could turn into great friends.

Stay inconspicuous

We know you love those sequin short shorts or those 6 inch espadrilles, but if you’re traveling alone, try to stay inconspicuous. You want to blend in instead of standing out. Observe how the local women dress and try to copy them – you can have fun playing dress up!

Always tell someone where you are

Even though you’re a strong enough woman to handle yourself, make sure you let people in on your travel plans. Also, make sure you have all your emergency contact info written down. Let loose and have fun, but be smart. The last thing you want is for something bad to happen in a foreign country and not be able to get in touch with anyone back home!

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